Modernizacja oświetlenia przemysłowego

Industrial luminaires based on modern LED technology allow companies to generate electricity savings of up to several dozen percent. But are the costs of modernization of the old lighting system justified by the potential benefits that arise from such investment?

Upgrading lighting is necessary in factories and other facilities where the current system is inefficient, outdated or generates excessive costs.
It is also necessary wherever it does not meet current standards or is incorrect (does not provide safe working conditions, does not comply with health and safety regulations).

The Goldman Sachs Global report (on the low-carbon economy) states that LED luminaires consume only 40% of the energy relative to their older counterparts. In other words the potential savings can be enormous (experts estimate that they may increase up to 50% by 2020).

There are many key factors related to the perspective of reducing the costs of electricity consumption through the modernization of lighting. The most important factor is the intensity of exploitation of luminaires. The greatest savings are possible in companies working in shifts, especially around the clock.

An additional advantage of replacing the old lighting with the modern one is the possibility of using motion sensors. Thanks to which the light is switched off in areas where no-one is present. The guidelines of the current standards cover only those rooms and zones where employees of a plant are present. Removing lighting from places where no-one is present can generate additional savings.

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Modern LED lighting – advantages

  • Intelligent, controllable LED lighting with motion detectors allows to make the best use of those moments when there is no need to illuminate a given zone.
  • Modern industrial LED luminaires are energy-efficient and require less electricity.
  • A new LED lighting system reduces not only the cost of electricity consumption, but also the operating costs of lighting systems.
  • It allows optimal adjusting of power to the object and its needs.
  • Modern lamps and industrial luminaires used with the modern lighting systems are distinguished by their durability, long service life and very high resistance to adverse factors. They are practically failure-free.
  • This is a step towards ecology – LED luminaires do not contain toxic materials and help reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

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