Lighting design is a complex process that requires designers to know various aspects, such as architecture, ergonomics, psychology, as well as technology and electrics. Nowadays, lighting is not only functional, but also an important aesthetic element. Therefore, proper lighting design is a key element of a successful project.

Designing street lighting is a process that aims to ensure the safety and comfort of drivers and pedestrians using the roads. It requires taking into account many factors, such as the type of road, traffic volume, weather conditions, environment, as well as the directions and strength of light.

The first stage of designing street lighting is to analyze lighting needs. As part of this analysis, it is determined what types of lighting will be needed to ensure adequate lighting conditions on the road. Depending on the type of street, different light intensity and lamp mounting height are required.

The next step is to choose the type of lighting. In street lighting, street lamps, lampshades and reflectors are most often used. Depending on the design requirements, various types of light sources are used, but the most modern and most advantageous is LED lighting.

Another important aspect of street lighting design is the optimization of the lighting layout. This optimization consists in setting the lamps and the direction of light incidence in such a way as to ensure the best lighting conditions with minimal electricity consumption. For this, the designer must take into account various factors such as road geometry, visibility, lighting of surrounding buildings, etc.

The last stage of designing street lighting is assembly and installation of lighting. This requires proper electrical installation, mounting lamps and configuring the lighting control system. After installation, lighting must be regularly maintained and inspected to ensure its reliability and the safety of road users.

To sum up, professional street lighting design is a very complex process. The design should take into account a lot of important details, on which the final effect will depend in the future, i.e. the actual lighting on the road. To get a high-quality, reliable project, it is worth reaching for the help of specialists. For this purpose, you are welcome to contact us – our specialists will be happy to help you prepare a lighting project.

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