Lighting is an extremely important element in stadiums. Choosing the right luminaires is of great importance to ensure the right lighting that meets both sports and aesthetic requirements.

When choosing the lighting for sports facilities, it is best to start with defining the basic parameters and requirements for luminaires. Currently, all new sports facilities are designed in LED technology.

Basic functional requirements:

  • Luminaire luminous efficiency [lm/W] – a parameter responsible for electricity consumption depending on the amount of light emitted by the luminaire. The current minimum requirement is 130lm/W.
  • Optics dedicated to sports lighting – well-chosen optics will allow for additional reduction of lighting costs and will ensure that the appropriate design parameters are met.
  • Control system – it is important that the luminaire has the ability to adapt to control systems, e.g. 1-10V or DALI output. Such a system will allow you to manage the level of lighting depending on the time of day or the type of game (training/league match).
  • Color of light – the recommended color is in the range of 4000-6000K.
  • Color rendering index CRI (Ra) – its value depends on the level of the game. However, in practice, a coefficient in the range of Ra 70-80 is used
  • Adjustment of the angle of inclination – depends on the selection of the mounting bracket of the luminaire. The holder must ensure the installation of the luminaires in such a position as in the developed lighting design.

In addition, attention should be paid to the proper production of the luminaire. Its high quality will contribute to long and trouble-free operation:

  • Material – for outdoor lighting, it is important that the housing of the luminaire is made of high-pressure aluminum casting and protected against corrosion. The LED module should be protected with tempered glass with a high degree of resistance to mechanical damage, min. IK08
  • Luminaire tightness – the minimum tightness of the outdoor lighting luminaire is IP65. In the case of floodlights exposed to direct weather conditions, a higher degree of protection IP66 and a breathable filter (prevents moisture condensation inside the luminaire) are recommended.
  • Lifetime of the luminaire – currently it does not indicate the complete burnout of the luminaire, but determines how long it is guaranteed to maintain the appropriate level of lighting on the pitch.
  • Warranty for the luminaire and availability of spare parts – the origin of the luminaire is also an important aspect. In the case of domestic production, the warranty and servicing of the luminaire is greatly simplified.

Our offer includes special luminaires dedicated to lighting sports fields and stadiums. Please here. You are also welcome to contact our specialists who will be happy to help you prepare a reliable lighting project for sports facilities.


    The ARENA LED luminaire is dedicated for illuminating stadiums, football pitches vast outdoor areas.

    The LED luminaire AREA LED SPORT is dedicated for sport lighting, exterior lighting and industrial lighting.

    The LED luminaire FLOOD DOB dedicated to illuminate production halls, sports facilities i outdoor areas. With driver made in DOB technology.
    Lampa FLOOD DOB - Ledolux
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