Lighting is an integral element of sports facilities. Proper lighting not only ensures visibility for players and fans, but also affects the atmosphere, safety and quality of the games. Designing lighting for sports facilities is extremely important because it has a direct impact on the comfort of facility users.

When it comes to sports lighting design, the first step is to determine the lighting class of the facility. Its selection depends on the category of games taking place on the pitch. Then, depending on the selected lighting class, we adopt the values of the minimum requirements for lighting the football field.

Based on the PN-EN 12193:2019-01 standard.

Em [lx] – average illuminance – determines the lighting level of the pitch, the main parameter for which lighting classes are defined.

U0 – uniformity of lighting - the higher it is, the better the light spreads over the pitch, and the human eye is less tired.

GR - glare coefficient - the lower the index, the less dazzling the luminaires are.

Ra – color rendering index - is responsible for color recognition.

In addition, the lighting design must maintain an appropriate level of Umin/max uniformity - its level directly results from the U0 uniformity level and the appropriate indicator of night sky pollution ULOR (% of light "wasted" due to too large luminaire deflection angle).

Another issue is the appropriate arrangement of lighting masts and the selection of their height. When planning their location, the prohibited zones should be observed, e.g. when lighting football fields, it is a zone 4 m from the line of the playing field. In turn, the properly selected height of the columns translates into high uniformity, low glare and low ULOR.

Lighting design is a key stage in the selection of luminaires. Neglecting this step can result in increased lighting costs, rapid wear of liminaire, light pollution of the sky, and even failure to meet the basic criteria of sports lighting. That is why we recommend to ask our experts experts to create a professional project of sports lighting.

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