Oświetlenie przemysłowe LED – ekologia

Industrial LED luminaires is increasingly supplanting the traditional lamps in production plants. This is due not only to the considerable savings that can be generated but also to ecological considerations. This is particularly important now, when more and more large companies and corporations choose their contractors based, among other things, on the manufacturer’s care for the environment.

LED lighting for industry – intelligent ecology


Ecological LED luminaires

The implementation of LED technology is also an opportunity to install an intelligent management system for industrial lighting. Therefore, the light can be continuously adjusted to the requirements and standards for a given type of room or type of work. What’s more, this type of system can use motion or light sensors, which allows to automate the entire process of managing industrial LED lighting. Above all intelligent lighting systems reducing negative impact on the environment.

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Lighting control systems

The industrial LED lighting systems produced by LEDOLUX POLAND can be controlled by means of a 1-10V interface. This allows updating and ongoing management of device parameters, which has a direct impact on the electricity consumption and the service life of LED lighting. Such a solution not only brings savings but is also beneficial for the environment. In addition to convenience and ecology, industrial LED lighting is also a concern for the health of employees. No harmful substances (e.g. mercury present in linear fluorescent lamps) are used in production, and the light itself is more eye friendly.

LED lighting

Environmentally friendly LED technology

LED lighting for industry means environmentally friendly production process of luminaire. In other words its free of any environmentally harmful materials. Moreover it means smaller electricity consumption and a longer service life. As a result it has a positive impact on the replacement frequency, operating costs and the amount of waste to be disposed of.

Another important argument in favour of the implementation of intelligent industrial LED lighting systems are the large, international companies and corporations, which by choosing contractors and partners, increasingly seek to minimize the environmental impact of their production.

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