Oświetlenie LED w przemyśle

Why is there so much talk about switching to LED lighting in industry? The reason is very simple – the lighting of industrial facilities is one of the biggest expenses related to maintenance costs. Therefore, in order to reduce these costs, one invests in modern and energy-saving industrial LED lamps.

Replacing traditional lighting with LED lighting can reduce energy costs by about 70% and the investment will pay for itself in less than a year. Industrial LED luminaires can operate over 90,000 hours and require replacement and maintenance much less frequently than the traditional lamps. Resistance to damage, shock, vibration is guaranteed even with frequent use. Therefore, this reduces the cost of LED lamps maintenance.

If you have old, worn lighting that no longer meets the applicable standards and generates high costs, use our lighting design service https://ledolux.com/design-and-consulting/
Remember that switching to LED lighting in the industry should be based on a design made by professional designers.

We offer:

  • professional lighting designs for industrial halls, warehouses, etc.
  • valuation of the offered luminaires.
  • savings calculations including the rate of return.
  • consulting on lighting technology.
  • matching the design and offer to your facility and your requirements.
  • top quality, economical and safe luminaires, guaranteeing long-term and failure-free work. See our product catalogue https://ledolux.com/products/

LED lighting has many advantages

LED lighting is not just about saving money. It’s about:

  • excellent working conditions,
  • best light comfort,
  • higher work efficiency and employee safety (high light intensity, uniform distribution in halls, warehouses).
    Correct, undisturbed field of vision in the workplace, surrounding objects in natural colours, without distortions,
  • protection against dust penetration, no “flickering” effect when ignited,
  • possibility to connect lighting with modern solutions for intelligent lighting control.
    Factories can automatically adjust lighting to the requirements, standards, type of work or even time of day,
  • Aesthetics of place – industrial lamps available in modern, original design,
  • better display of products in shops or exhibition halls (high colour rendering index underlines the attractiveness of exhibits).

Support and advice on modernization of old lighting

You can count on our support. We understand that there are questions and doubts as to where to start or what to do. Furthermore, we will guide you through the whole process of change. We have the technical knowledge, we know the market, we know how to change to LED lighting in the industry to achieve up to 70% energy savings.

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