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We have specialized in the installation and modernization of lighting, including street lighting for many years. We have extensive experience gained while working on numerous and diverse projects. Currently, more and more cities are deciding to modernize their lighting. In view of this growing interest we would like to present the street lighting project we have completed for the capital city of the Podkarpacie region.

More and more cities are seeking to modernise their street lighting. Why? Probably because:

  • The LED street lighting provides very good quality visibility. It prevents eye fatigue, which is particularly important for drivers (higher safety level).
  • Our LED street lamps and luminaires are resistant to difficult working conditions. They provide an adequate level of tightness and impact resistance. They also have high resistance to high and low temperatures, making them ideal for outdoor areas.
  • These types of street lamps also guarantee savings in energy consumption and thus reduce lighting costs (high efficiency LED luminaire – 150 lm/W), reducing electricity costs by more than 50% compared to conventional light sources.
  • Our street luminaires have a modern design, which, according to the residents themselves, also matters. They influence the aesthetics of the city.

You will find more of our projects on our website.

The LED street luminaires we have used in Rzeszów

We have illuminated many streets in Rzeszów, including the Żwirki i Wigury Street. For ths purpose we used the PIKE J DOB street LED lamp. Our luminaires are characterized by the fact that:

  • they are compatible with the 1-10 V control system (lamp integration with intelligent systems),
  • they are made of die-cast aluminium (the material ensures effective heat dissipation),
  • the PIKE J DOB street luminaires have powder-coated bodies (high corrosion resistance),
  • the diffusers of the luminaires are made of tempered glass (they can be equipped with an anti-reflection and self-cleaning function),
  • have DOB technology power adapters placed directly on the LED module (this reduces the failure rate of the luminaires and extends their useful life),
  • the PIKE J DOB street lamps have a high power factor cosᵩ>0.94 (full control range),
  • they are equipped with protections (overvoltage protection up to 20 kV and thermal protection),
  • a NEMA socket can be installed in the upper part of their bodies (it adapts the luminaires to the popular Smart City systems),
  • the LED luminaires are CE and RoHs certified,
  • the PIKE J DOB street lamps are ZETOM certified (the luminaires have been tested for compliance with the Polish standards),
  • have a 7-year warranty (for a luminaire plus a post-warranty service),
  • their light is neutral (the colour temperature of the light is ideal as the main lighting of streets, parks, etc.).

Detailed product information available on the website.

Street lighting in Rzeszow

Street LED lighting

Street LED luminaire - PIKE J DOB

DOB technology street lighting

Street lamps equipped with the DOB technology are characterized by the fact that the power supply system and LED light source are placed on a single board. This means that there is no need for an external power power supply. This solution increases the lifetime of the product and provides a better luminaire effciency. It also guarantees more efficient lamp cooling. The DOB technology also increases safety, mainly due to the fact that it provides adequate overvoltage and thermal protection.

Street LED lighting in Rzeszow


LED street lamps – professional lighting installation or upgrading

Every entity (business, gallery, city, etc.) can easily replace or install new lighting (new street lamps). Ledolux provides comprehensive assistance in this respect. We offer:

  • a professional audit,
  • a detailed technical (e.g. technical condition of the currently existing lighting), technological and economic analysis,
  • after identifying the needs and possibilities (e.g. which lighting or street lamps will be appropriate in a given place), comprehensive consulting to our customers,
  • a comprehensive lighting design, tailored to the needs of a given site,
  • calculation of the expected savings (including the rate of return) that will result from the modernization of old light sources.
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