What is light pollution?

Light pollution, or artificial light at night, is the emission of too much artificial light into the environment. Most often, this phenomenon can be found in very populated places, i.e. in large cities, and in particular in high developed countries. It is not surprising - nowadays a lot of surfaces, such as roads and streets, must be illuminated for safety reasons, and advertisements in public places must be illuminated to attract as much attention as possible. The scale of light pollution is so huge that it is often compared to the impact of chemical activity on the environment.

The phenomenon of light pollution is particularly criticized in terms of lighting design. There are several possible mistakes that could be done in this regard. For example, usage of too bright lights that are not needed in a certain area, or incorrect setting the lights to turn on at a time when there is still sunlight outside. It is also a mistake to use inappropriate shielding and poorly directed luminaires, so that the light beam is not precisely directed to the right place and illuminates a surface that does not require lighting.

How does light pollution affect the human organism?

As a result of light pollution, the negative impact is felt not only by the natural environment, but also by humans. The circadian rhythm of man is arranged in such a way that human being is active during the day as long as the sun is shining. However, at night, when there is no light, the organism needs rest. Technological progress has introduced improvements in the lighting of the environment, due to which the human lifestyle began to shift. But while it is possible to turn off the lighting in the house, it is not possible to turn off the lighting on the street outside. And if the luminaire is poorly shielded, very strong light can enter the living space, because the windows are often closer to the light source than the road.

More than 15 years ago, it was proven that light pollution causes:

  • disruption of the human circadian cycle, which in some cases leads to excessive stress,
  • insomnia,
  • the appearance of a feeling of anxiety
  • deterioration of the body's immunity.

This is related to the production of melatonin at night, the production of which is affected by the disruption of the circadian rhythm.

How to illuminate the streets to ensure traffic safety, but
at the same time protect the environment and people health?

Of course, street lighting ensures safety and improves the comfort of residents and drivers. However, it is important that this lighting does not pollute the environment. The fact is, it is impossible to completely reduce the light at night, but there is a way to significantly reduce the level of light pollution. This will have a positive impact not only on the comfort and health of people, but also on ecology and investment budgets, because accurate lighting systems reduce the costs associated with lower energy consumption.

Street lighting has undergone quite a development, starting from mercury and sodium lamps to the use of LED technology, which has been used for over a decade. Compared to the solutions used in the past, LED lighting provides lighting with high light quality and color rendering, and the use of specialized lenses helps to direct the light stream even more and more precisely. Street luminaires with LED technology need much less electricity to produce high-quality light. They also have a much longer lifetime and a low level of loss of light parameters over time.

Our offer includes professional luminaires with very good lighting and energy parameters. We also offer consulting services in the selection of luminaires and lighting design by specialists. With our products, the elimination of the problem of light pollution is guaranteed.


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