Technologia DOB (Driver On Board)

Intelligent luminaires and lamps for production facilities and warehouses are perfectly adapted to harsh working conditions. We are a Polish manufacturer of industrial LED lighting using the innovative DOB technology, which will certainly benefit you. Read the following post to find out what it is about and what you can gain from it.

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What is the DOB technology?

DOB (Driver On Board) ⇒ is an innovative technology of supplying power directly to a LED module without using an additional power supply unit (the power supply and the LED light source are located on a single board).

What are the benefits of the DOB technology?

Elimination of an external power supply from a  luminaire increases its service life and makes it less prone to failures.

Whats more, absence of electrolytic capacitors (exposed to adverse weather conditions) makes a lamp more durable and failure-free when installed outside (especially in view of large temperature and humidity fluctuations).

  • Increased service life.
  • Lower failure rate (stable system).
  • Higher luminous efficiency.
  • Lower risk of damage to the system due to temperature.
  • Possiblity to mount luminaires in diverse places (lightweight, thin housing).
  • Reduction of production costs by 25-40% (lower cost of a luminaire equipped with DOB).

The difference between DOB and the traditional current control – what does it look like on the inside?

Traditional driver versus DOB driver in industrial LED lighting

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