Oświetlenie przemysłowe LED

A decision to upgrade the lighting system in a warehouse or a production hall is not an easy one, however, it is worth to know all the benefits of replacing an old system with a new one. We recommend upgrading the lighting system especially to companies where outdated lamps are used. For instance the old lamps consume too much energy and fail to provide appropriate working conditions.

The key task of replacing a lighting system is primarily to match the quality of light to the space and to reduce the costs associated with ensuring optimal lighting conditions. Reducing the operating costs directly translates into increased work efficiency and, consequently, to lower production costs.

Lighting modernization may involve replacement of an entire lighting system (e.g. with one with an intelligent control system) or replacement of only the old luminaires with modern, energy-efficient ones.

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Key benefits for the investor

  • Reduction of electricity costs by even several dozen percent.
  • Significant improvement of safety of people working in a facility.
  • Minimizing the cost of the lighting system maintenance (service, maintenance, repair).
  • High quality luminaires perfectly tailored to customers’ needs (professional designs).

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Modern industrial lighting

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