Luminaires are elements of equipment that are used to diffuse light and ensure the appropriate level of lighting in various types of rooms. Designing lighting luminaires requires taking into account many factors, such as the type of room, functionality, aesthetics and ecology. The luminaires are designed to provide adequate lighting and ensure the safety and comfort of users, and at the same time minimize the costs associated with electricity consumption.

The first stage of designing luminaires is to determine their functional requirements. The designer must take into account the type of room to be illuminated, its size, purpose and the conditions in which it will operate. Then, based on this information, determine the level of lighting that is needed to ensure safe and comfortable use of the room.

The second stage is the selection of appropriate materials and technologies. Luminaires can be made of various materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, glass or plastic. The choice of the right material depends on the purpose of the frame and the style we want to achieve. Our luminaires are made of die- cast aluminum and tempered glass or PC, depending on the model.

The choice of the light source for the luminaire is also an important aspect. In the case of luminaires, the most optimal solution is LED technology.

The next step is to design the optical system of the luminaire. The optical system of the luminaire is responsible for the direction and strength of the light. Depending on the design requirements, the designer must take into account various factors, such as room geometry, type of lighting, visibility, etc. Optimization of the optical system is aimed at minimizing electricity consumption while ensuring the appropriate level of lighting.

Another important aspect of luminaire design is their aesthetics. Lighting fixtures must be not only functional, but also aesthetically made. The designer must consider the place where luminaires will be used to ensure a harmonious appearance. It is also worth paying attention to the color of the luminaires, which affects the perception of the environment by people.

The last stage of designing luminaires is their production and assembly. Luminaires must be properly manufactured in accordance with design requirements and safety standards. LEDOLUX POLAND luminaires are manufactured in Poland and meet all European standards, which has been repeatedly confirmed by certification bodies. Please check our offer or contact us – we will be happy to advise and answer all your questions!

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