We are glad to inform that two luminaires of LEDOLUX have received new awards, namely ORBIT and AREA LED SPORT luminaires have passed the certification „VERIFIED PRODUCT”!

The TÜV NORD brand, known and identified around the world as a company supporting the quality activities of entrepreneurs, on the basis of the certification assessment carried out, decided that the above-mentioned luminaires meet the requirements set out in the Assessment Program No. PS/PO1/136/11072022 and are eligible for the mark “VERIFIED PRODUCT”..


What is the “VERIFIED PRODUCT” mark?


“VERIFIED PRODUCT” is a voluntary certification. In order to receive such a certificate and be able to use the “VERIFIED PRODUCT” mark, the product must meet all requirements set by law for the purpose of placing the product on the market. The product itself is a subject to independent assessment during laboratory tests and checking in the production plant as well as its entire technical documentation. Having such a certificate on the product confirms its quality and the characteristics declared by the manufacturer.


Which luminaires of Ledolux received the mark


The ORBIT luminaire is dedicated to lighting high production, storage and sports halls. The housing of the luminaire is made of high-pressure die-cast aluminum and is powder coated. The luminaire has high-performance LEDs by Lumileds (Philips) and Mean Well analogue 1-10 V power supply (optionally DALI). The light source is covered with tempered glass. The luminaire is dustproof and waterproof to IP65.


TheAREA LED SPORT luminaire is dedicated for illuminating football pitches, parking lots and outdoor areas. High tightness and durability of the luminaire is ensured by a housing made of high-pressure die-cast aluminum and a diffuser made of tempered glass. The light source is efficient Lumileds LEDs, powered by an analog or digital controllable MeanWell power supply. The luminaire can be mounted on a bracket or on an adjustable extension boom.


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