Oświetlenie LED na hali produkcyjnej

What type of lighting to install in a production hall? Here you will find information on how to choose a lighting system that will help your staff quickly see and distinguish details so that their work is efficient and safe. We will guide you through some popular models and the projects we have completed.

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Lighting in a production hall is very important

  • It affects the well-being of employees and thus their work efficiency.
  • It also increases their safety and
  • reduces the number of production defects.

So what do you illuminate a production hall with?

When choosing the lighting system for on a production hall you need to take the following into account:

  • Adequate light levels in the workplace and in the immediate surroundings.
  • Uniform lighting in the area were a tasks is to be performed and in the immediate surroundings.
  • Reduced glare (e.g. when light reflects from machines and blinds workers). It is particularly distractive to workers performing manual work requirng precision.
  • Proper luminance distribution.
  • The correct colour rendering index.

You can choose to install:

  • Linear lighting (light strings). The lines should be close enough to each other in order to properly illuminate each square meter of an industrial hall. You can choose between hermetic linear luminaires with LED Tubes or ready-made, compact linear LED luminaires.
  • High-bay lamps (they disperse the light in a circle, making it easier to achieve the perfect illumination than in the first case). An example of this type of luminaire is the industrial LED luminaire ORBIT (presented below as the first one).

Luminaires in production halls – popular models for professional use

LED luminaire ORBIT





LED luminiare HD LINE


LED luminaire HERMES LOG N


LED lumianire TANK DOB


Why install LEDs in a production hall?

Because they allow you to save a lot of energy. It is a safe, economical lighting system with a long-term guarantee of failure-free operation. LED lamps maintain unchanged parameters for a long life.

In other words, they shine with full light immediately after being switched on, accurately rendering the colours of the surroundings without any distortion. They are safe for the environment, employees (they do not contain mercury, lead, etc.).

Production hall lighting standards

The light intensity can vary between 200 and 1500 lux. It should be suitable for the type of work performed (the degree of precision at a given workstation must be taken into account).
The lighting should be adapted to the individual requirements of the workplace.

For example, where metals are processed:
Free-forging – 200 lx
Welding – 300 lx

For example, in an office facility: filing, copying (300 lx), conference rooms (500 lx).

To facilitate moving around an industrial hall it is recommended to use luminaires with a narrow light angle in the narrow spaces between machines.

The light is then directed onto the path a worker moves along.

Industrial lamps with a 5-year warranty

We offer industrial lamps with a 5-year’ warranty. Many lamps on the market come with only a 2-year warranty period. Don’t take your chances! We are confident of the quality of our industrial LED luminaires, which is why we offer such a long warranty and give you a sense of security.

LEDOLUX industrial LED luminaires with a 5-year warranty


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