Customized LED lighting

Customized LED lighting

We have a wide selection of ready-made LED modules for applications in industrial, street and external lighting.

Moreover, We manufacture LED modules according to individual customer requirements. We solve technical, technological and economic issues related to LED lighting.

Powerful steering processor Wide range of LEDs Build-in power supply Custom shaped PCB boards PCB BOARD

Available manufacturers of LEDs

Best quality components

We manufacture LED modules from components of the best quality brand components.

During the design process, we perform a detailed selection of components in terms of performance, usability and durability, ensuring that the module is precisely adjusted to customer requirements.

Best performance in various environments

Our LED modules are designed to work in various environments. Appropriate design of the module provides a smooth operation in extreme temperatures -45°C and + 85°C.

Moreover, We manufacture LED modules according to individual customer requirements. We solve technical, technological and economic issues related to LED lighting.

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    Extremely low operating temperature - tunnel lighting

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    Extremely high operating temperature - lighting in steel mills and power plants

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    > 100 000 hours

    Failure-free operation of LED modules with DOB driver - the highest safety standard

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    PF cosφ > 0.95

    High power factor in the entire power control range 10-100%

DOB Board

DOB technology

In LED modules we use power supply in Driver On Board (DOB) technology based on the innovative ACDrv microprocessor.

The use of DOB driver consists of incorporating low-degradable components into the LED module, ensuring low failure rate and long life of the LED module.

An additional advantage of integrating the driver into the LED module is the small size and weight of the driver unit compared to the traditional AC/DC LED module drivers.

Ideal power supply parameters

ACDrv based drive has ideal power supply parameters such as high power factor cosφ within dimming range, high efficiency, low THD, low EMI, low in-rush current.

Moreover, our DOB drivers have integrated over temperature protection and surge protection, provide a higher level of safety.



The ACDrv microprocessor that controls the power of LEDs - is the heart of the LED module. Advanced design and high quality of the component ensure reliable operation of the driver.

Full compatibility with light control systems

Our DOB LED modules can be adapter to most of worldwide used light control systems such as 0-10V dimming, PWM, DALI, KNX, ZigBee, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth etc..

Unlike the conventional electrolytic power supply, dimming the DOB LED module does not cause additional interference (eg. decline in power factor, THD grow etc.)

Cost analysis

Customize LED DOB module according to Your requirements by using our online calculator.

Ledolux POLAND

The process of ordering

Interested are invited to submit queries by application or direct contact with our engineer.

After receiving your inquiry, we will immediately start the design process for your unique LED module.


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