Nowadays, professional LED lighting systems – especially those with possibility of light control – ensure high quality lighting while reducing energy consumption. Therefore, in order to maintain a high quality and reliability of luminaires, we use power adapters based on the Driver On Board (DOB) technology.

DOB – Driver On Board technology integrates the driver chip and LED light source together. This simplifying the design of LED lamp while expanding the scope of application of a luminaire. The heart of a DOB system is the high performance ACDrv processor – the first mass produced processor for high voltage LED drivers. Its creative structure discards the electrolytic capacitors and transformers. The DOB drivers integrate all the necessary components, driven directly by the AC. ACDrv is more economical than the DC solution, and allows to reduce the size and weight of a luminaire.

In conclusion, the DOB based drivers have ideal power supply parameters such as high power factor, high efficiency, low THD and low EMI. Thus DOB LED luminaires are more reliable, have stable performance, longer service life and better resistance to extreme temperatures.

DOB and lighting control systems

Customers pay more and more attention to the possibility of adapting their lighting to their individual needs. Everyone is seeking better way to reduce energy costs as much as possible. LED modules bring great energy savings, but to fully use the possibilities of LED sources they must be compatible with the most popular control systems. Our DOB LED modules can be adapted to the majority of the control systems used worldwide. Unlike a conventional electrolytic power supply, dimming the DOB luminaire does not cause additional interference (e.g. decline in power factor, THD growth etc.).

Advantages of the DOB Technology

  • No electrolytic capacitors, longer service life compared to the DC solution
  • Single chip structure, the number of peripheral devices reduced to minimum, reduction of failure rate
  • Small size and weight,
  • Wide working temperature range -45°C to 75°C,
  • Low THD <13%, low EMI
  • Low in-rush current <1.2In High efficiency, power factor >0.95,
  • Full compatibility with light control systems

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