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We are a Polish manufacturer of intelligent industrial and  street LED lighting. We use the revolutionary DOB (Driver on Board) technology. What you get is Polish quality, design, production, professional matching of lamps and luminaires, products following the latest world trends (high quality, energy efficiency, modern design). Our products are an investment that pays for itself in a short time.

As a manufacturer of industrial lighting we offer⇓

  • LED luminaires adapted to difficult working conditions (warehouses, production facilities) and to the volatile Polish climate (high resistance to adverse weather conditions).
  • Products made of robust materials (world-class components), made according to the latest trends and using the best technologies (unique and intelligent DOB technology).
  • Lamps equipped with controllable power supplies, that can be connected to intelligent lighting systems.
  • Easy to maintain LED lamps (their maintenance boils down to keeping their housings clean).
  • Professional consulting, audits and lighting designs.
  • Flexible methods of financing our LED products available to end customers.
  • No intermediaries (direct sales to companies and B2B institutions).

Discover our products ledolux.com/products/

Numerous benefits offered by a Polish manufacturer of industrial lighting⇓

  • Double saving (the new LED controlled lighting offers additional savings of up to 80% compared to conventional lamps).
  • Modern designs of production lighting systems for industrial and warehouse facilities and intelligent office, shop and street lighting.
  • Ecological, safe, reliable (long service life) and efficient industrial LED lighting offering cost optimization.
  • Professional consulting, savings calculation – detailed information about the service at https://ledolux.com/design-and-consulting/

Our LED luminaires has a wide range of applications⇓

  • Production and industrial halls.
  • Warehouses.
  • Industrial facilities.
  • Commercial areas.
  • Factories.
  • Offices.
  • Shopping malls.
  • Large stores.
  • Streets and roads.
  • Squares and parks.
  • Schools, auditoriums.
  • Sports centres.

See the projects we have completed at https://ledolux.com/projects/

Check our references at https://ledolux.com/about-us/recommendations/

Industrial lighting, implemented by the manufacturer Ledolux Poland

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