Oświetlenie przemysłowe LED w magazynie

Indoor LED industrial lighting includes professional lamps, luminaires for illuminating production halls and warehouses as well as offices. Industrial LED lamps are ideal everywhere where order, reliability of applied solutions, economy and luminous efficiency matter. In confined spaces providing the right light is particularly important. Natural light is neutral to human sight, does not cause eye fatigue. Therefore artificial lighting should be equally comfortable for the human body.

Above all, proper industrial lighting should improves the quality of work as it provides employees with comfort. Consequently it translates into increased productivity. Thanks to this, the company earns more while generating savings from using energy-efficient LED lighting. Inovative lighting solution can bring thousands of euros in savings annually. What are the other advantages of industrial luminaires? Which models to choose? What are their costs and how to get a good price on them? You will find all relevant information in this article.

Industrial LED luminaires

It has been known for some time now that the best industrial luminaire is the luminaire with LED light source. LED luminaire has many advantages, both in terms of its beneficial effects on the human body and its profitability for the company. Whats more it is very durable and long lasting.

Industrial LED luminaires are characterized by the following features:

  • High power and high luminous efficiency for maximize lighting output.
  • Luminaires are distinguished by high quality and durability (many times higher than products of older technologies).
  • Industrial LED lamps are made of the best components supplied by trusted manufacturers from all over the world.
  • Industrial LED lamps are resistant to difficult working conditions, meets the difficulty level requirements.
  • LED luminaires are operation is problem-free. In other words, their maintenance is limited to keeping the housing clean.

However, for the investment to be fully profitable, it should be kept in mind that you will also need an appropriate industrial LED luminaire. Which one to choose?

Our guide for choosing good industrial LED lighting can be found here.

Lighting for production halls and warehouses

Which industrial luminaires to choose?

Of course, when deciding on this type of investment, it is important to make sure that the producer and the price are appropriate. After we are sure that the above conditions are already met, it is possible to proceed to the next step, which is the selection of a luminaire. In closed spaces, especially in large areas such as production halls or warehouses, industrial LED luminaires ORBIT are the best choice. An additional advantage of the luminaires is certainly a die-cast aluminium housing and a cover made of tempered glass. It is also possible to use luminaires equipped with PC lens system with the IP65 protection rating. The additional features make their product fully functional.

When buying industrial LED luminaires it is worth to choose those that have a guarantee. Ledolux Poland gives 5 years warranty for its products. Purchasing a new lighting system is a significant investment, aimed at providing convenience, peace of mind. Additional aspect is certainty that if the system breaks down, the company owner will not be left alone with the problem. In the case of this type of modernization it is better to purchase proven products. All the more so as there are many ways to reduce investment costs.

How much does an industrial LED lamp cost – does it pay off to buy one?

The prices of LED lighting systems vary. They are influenced by factors such as: the manufacturer, type, model, components quality, protection class, application and additional features. However, there is doubt as to the fact that LED luminaires generate significant savings compared to traditional lighting systems.

As you can see below, the annual saving that can be achieved by upgrading traditional lighting to industrial LED lamps amount up to tens of thousands zlotys (sample calculations). Often, this amount covers the cost of purchasing LED luminaires. One should also keep in mind that the price is paid once only, while the savings are generated constantly. According to the calculations, the return on investment usually occurs after 15-19 months, which is the optimal time for a company to execute such a serious modernization.

Table presenting a summary of anticipated savings

Example of savings calculation

Replacement, purchase of industrial luminaires and LED lamps – price

The White Certificate

Interestingly, in some cases it is possible to buy top quality LEDs from top-of-the-range producers for a decent price. It is possible if you use a special financing scheme. One of them is obtaining the aforementioned White Certificate. The document certifies the amount of the planned savings. It confirms that a specific reduction in energy consumption will be achieved. The White Certificate can be obtained by a manufacturer who modernizes its company with a view to increasing the work efficiency and replacement of the lighting system happens to fall into that category. It should be remembered, however, that the White Certificate is granted only to future investments, not ones that are already in progress.

ESCO financing – basics

ESCO financing is another way to buy good quality industrial LED luminaires, within a limited budget. ESCO stands for Energy Service Company. In other words a company that offers energy services. Company invests its financial resources in order to implement energy-saving solutions at the Client’s premises. It also carries out the necessary work related to the installation of lighting. What is more, it guarantees the intended effect, i.e. savings on the implementation of a given modernization. As in the previous case, the costs return comes from the money saved. When the contract ends, the customer has the opportunity to buy the entire equipment, with the price as favourable as possible.

However, if you want to upgrade your lighting with ESCO financing, you should first choose the right type of contract for your company. The choice can be made from a contract where the ESCO company offers financing with a guarantee of savings or where the customer is responsible for the financing and the ESCO company gives a guarantee of energy savings.

ESCO financing – process

Once an entrepreneur decides on a specific agreement, they can start implementing the project. At the beginning, the investor presents an inventory of the current lighting (type, quantity, power, mounting height), and then passes the inventory to an intermediary. Based on the inventory and the visual inspection, the intermediary selects the appropriate lighting for the modernization. Then they carry out the lighting design, present the investment costs and expected profits. The intermediary presents the results of their work to the Fund (ESCO company) and the client. On their basis, they sign a three-party agreement. It specifies, among other things, the deadline for the lighting system replacement, the degree of savings resulting from the modernization and the repayment period during which the client will transfer the saved money to the ESCO entity. After the payment, the customer can fully benefit from the savings resulting from the replacement of the lighting system.

Leasing for LED luminaires

A popular way of buying industrial luminaires and LED lighting is leasing. In its case, it is also possible to finance the investment from the savings obtained. When deciding to finance an investment through a lease, one can do that either through an operating or a finance lease.

Please contact our consultants for more details on how to use a lease to buy industrial luminaires: https://ledolux.com/contact-us/

All financial forms are available only in Poland.

We give much more than just products.

We offer much more than just high quality products. Ledolux offers consulting, audits and lighting designs as well as flexible financing schemes. To ensure the highest comfort of cooperation we offer, among other things:

  • the possibility to order professional lighting designs for industrial halls, warehouses and offices,
  • consulting regarding the lighting technology,
  • professional audits,
  • preparation of the necessary documentation.

Ledolux has been present on the market for many years. During this time we have gained the necessary experience. We are happy to share our knowledge with you.

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