LEDOLUX POLAND joined The Polish Chamber of Commerce for Roads

The Polish Chamber of Commerce for Roads is a self-government organization that represents the interests of associated enterprises towards public authorities, local government units and many other public institutions and organizations. The PCCR is the largest organization in the road and bridge industry. Its duties include co-creating and co-implementing the economic policy of the road industry and related industries, cooperation with public authorities, local government units, and advisory and opinion-giving institutions. The Chamber actively participates in consultations of legal acts affecting economic activity in the areas of construction and road infrastructure. It also participates in the work of parliamentary committees on amendments to acts. Using its statutory powers, the Chamber annually issues opinions on 30-40 draft legal acts.

The Polish Chamber of Commerce for Road Engineering unites enterprises that comprehensively implement road and bridge investments, maintenance companies, road infrastructure manufacturers, designers, building materials manufacturers, road machinery and equipment suppliers, technology suppliers and many other entities related to the road industry. Thanks to work and commitment of thousands of people related to road construction, the network of Polish roads is developing every day. For its members, the Chamber regularly organizes training courses, seminars and conferences to keep them up-to-date with all meaningful changes in the industry.

Since now, Ledolux Poland is also one of the members of the Chamber of Commerce for Roads. It is an honor for us as we are one of the few companies from Subcarpathia Province, which was assessed as a worthy candidate and was given the opportunity to establish a new business contacts. We are delighted that we would also be able to contribute to the creation of appropriate road conditions in Poland and have a practical impact on shaping the road infrastructure systems.

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