oswietlenie hali magazynowej

Warehouse lighting is not only about choosing the right light intensity but also meeting a number of standards related to workstation requirements. Proper lighting affects working conditions and safety and has an impact on the psychophysical conditions of vision. Ensuring good working conditions improves the well-being of employees and, consequently, increases their productivity.

By installing an intelligent lighting system based on modern LED technology you can achieve huge savings, which is very important in the case of a warehouse (almost 50% of a warehouse maintenance costs are related to its lighting!). It is worth to pay attention to the type and quality of industrial luminaires and to purchase energy-saving solutions

Warehouse lighting can be divided into the following categories:

  • general,
  • local,
  • complex (consisting of general and local lighting).

Light sources used in warehouse lighting should not cause dazzle, colour change of signs or interference with the reception and perception of signals and signs used for transport.

Warehouse lighting design

In the case of warehouse lighting systems we use only the highest quality industrial luminaires, which are faultless, safe and energy-efficient.

All technical luminaires have the necessary certificates valid in the European Union and are used in accordance with all applicable regulations.

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Illumination of the warehouse hall standard

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